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ReunionPN Customer Reviews

Reunion Body Lotion

When I used the body lotion on my hand and arm, it was simply AMAZING. The pain was gone in 20 minutes. (full text)

Fibro and Osteo relief superior to the myriad of ... (full text)

Over a decade of dealing with pre-cancerous actinic keratosis, and ... (full text)

The Best Skin Lotion Ever! ... (full text)

Enough of empty promises! Reunion really works for RLS and Fibro ... (full text)

Reunion Hand Cream

I used a small amount of the hand cream on my hand and wrist. Within 3minutes, I felt amazing relief, more than 75% of the intense pain was gone! Within 10 minutes, the pain was 100% GONE! (full text)

Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel ... what an ugly combination of pain partners ... but (full text)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Hand Pain ... (full text)

Reunion Foot Cream

Amazed at speed for total relief ... but still confused ... (full text)

Can't believe I once called this "snake oil" on Facebook, now ... (full text)

Reunion Intense Spot Relief

My chemo neuropathy pain was 95% gone in 6 days & no more episodes. (full text)

How right and how wrong can Fox News be about CIPN? (full text)

Good results on my feet with neuromas. I can sleep again. (full text)

I thought it was all blah, blah, blah ... but now I'm virtually pain free in my feet. (full text)

Immediate relief for my wrists and shingles' scars on my neck, also ... (
full text)

Relief for my pinched nerve of 10 years! (full text)

I suffer from migraine headaches and have for years ... (full text)

Not What I Expected ...Better! Relief for my hands ... (full text)

Ouch! My broken toe! ... (full text)

After many years of RSD pain, unexpected relief ... (full text)

Goodbye, Cortisone! ... (full text)

Instant Neck and Spine Relief ... (full text)

Enough Pain to Make a Grown Man Cry ... (full text)

Sciatica ... the finishing touch ... (full text)

Enough of empty promises. Reunion really works on RLS and Fibro ... (full text)

Conducted my own A/B split trial ... (full text)

Pain Free and Safer Behind the Wheel ... (full text)

Night Time Throbbing is in the Past ... (full text)

Lower Back Pain from Automobile Accident ... (full text)

Eleven years of chemo, and extreme pain in toes ... (full text)

First neuropathy relief in years
... (full text)

Sometimes I could just kick myself! ... (full text)

No Comparison to Young Living or doTerra products ... far superior
! ... (full text)

Chronic Pain Alleviated, Quality of Life Dramatically Improved
! ... (full text)

Rescued by Reunion for a Pinched Nerve ... (full text)

The Johnny Appleseed of Pain Relief ... (full text)

Reunion Anti-Inflammation

Most incredible results in 37 years as a Chiropractor ... (full text)

Post Herpetic Neuralgia Pain GONE instantly ... (full text)

3-Way Winner at our house! ... (full text)

At last ... an alternative pain reliever to Hydrocodone! ... (full text)

I wanted to give "triage" a knuckle sandwich ... (full text)

From RoboCop to IronMan in 60 seconds ... (full text)

Spinal Stenosis Leg Pain Resolved ... (full text)

Replaced NSAIDs With No Side Effects Reunion ... (full text)

6 Years of Facial Shingles ... (full text)

Take it from a Chiropractor who knows pain ... (full text)

Reunion HZ Shingles / PHN

Doctor Threw in the Towel on Shingles... (full text)

Reunion Shower/Body Wash

The shower wash and foot cream were so effective, I haven't used the ISR (full text)

Oh! My aching neck!
(full text)

Reunion Facial Moisturizer(full text)

The very best ... but I must have done something wrong ... (full text)

Reunion Spray Mist

Excellent Results from Inexpensive Mist ... (full text)

Unsolicited Comments from Neuropathy Support Group Leaders

Karl: Last Friday I had such pain, it was at 4 p.m. was in my living room, took all medications including a "homeopathic" product to no avail. Then opened a bottle of Intense Spot Relief. It helped me for about 4 hours.

I must confess I used a spot of the cream last night when getting ready for bed. My one leg was causing me all kinds of stabbing and switching pains. Now since I tried it, and can tell others that it worked for me.

Thank you for this info Karl...The spot relief medication has a similar same scent to other essential oil products I sometimes use. I used Reunion last night when pain came into my shoulder ... it helped, then I used it again a couple of hours later. For the first time in four weeks, did not take ibuprofen or codeine last night. Hand cream had a cooling soothing effect. I will be in touch again after I have used it consistently for a week or so.

Of all the creams, lotions, gels and whatever form that pain relief comes in, I think I have tried them all. Your cream reacts faster than any other!