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Reunion . . . Affordable Pain, Inflammation and Viral Relief

There is one product class clearly head and shoulders above the rest, measured by scientifically structured A/B split panels, in providing 4-24 hours relief from pain, inflammation and viral maladies: products using essential oils.Unfortunately for pain sufferers, the retail distribution system makes these products prohibitively expensive for YOU . . . especially if you need the properties of multiple essential oils.

Now, Reunion Full Spectrum Relieftm formulas are available direct to you and are superior to other brands in three important ways!

Superior Raw Materials

While there are benefits to each of the base ingredients of Reunion essential oil formulas, one primary active ingredient is geranium oil. Geranium oil is found worldwide in 180 locations. However, only one has demonstrated superior capability to soothe painful damaged nerves . . . premium geranium oil from the tiny Reunion Islands, East of Africa. Reunion Intense Spot Relief and all cosmeceutical Daily Use products contain this costly proven geranium oil and other essential oils for immediate and long lasting neuropathy, muscular and rheumatoid / osteoarthritis relief. Expensive? Yes! But when you are experiencing a painful episode, you'll be glad we didn't skimp on inferior ingredients!

The efficacy of geranium oil's extraordinary pain relief capabilities was demonstrated in a Clinical Trial performed by Scripps Medical and published by the Academy for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine. This CT is found by clickiing the Articles link at the bottom of this page.

Superior Delivery System

Effective active ingredients are important, but they can't reach their maximum relief potential if they aren't delivered with maximum effectiveness transdermally through your skin. That's why Reunion Relief uses carrier base oils known for their non-allergenic qualities as well as their lipophilic abilities to penetrate quickly, without leaving sticky, oily residue on your skin. Reunion Daily Use body products, the same essential oil ingredients are integrated with nano-based technology, a proprietary Phospholipid based delivery system that encapsulates active ingredients and enables them to reach targeted areas for superior pain relief performance.

Affordable Relief

Because, Reunion Relief doesn't think you should have to pay high prices for mediocre products, Reunion products are available to you directly at our website. Several Reunion products capabilities are simply not available in any competitive product. PLUS, Reunion products always carry a 30 day money-back guarantee.If you aren't satisfied with our products, for any reason . . . simply return the unused portion for a compete refund.

Formulated from the Ground Up for Neuropathy, Musculoskeletal and Viral Pain Relief

The entire Reunion cosmeceutical product line of body, foot, hand and facial treatments are formulated especially for sufferers of peripheral neuropathy, nerve damage, diabetic or muscular aches and pains. Our blends aren't simply "tolerated" or "safe" for diabetics, they are designed for diabetics and others with sensitive skin, painful nerve damage, impaired immune systems and most other pain maladies from the ground up. Topical antiviral products are unique to Reunion.

All of our products are produced in a state of art US FDA-inspected cosmetics facility with 30 years experience formulating and producing Super-Premium skin care products.The development of our products has utilized the expertise of skilled herbalists and physiotherapists and draws from Ayurvedic Medicine as well as Chinese, Egyptian, and American Indian herbology and aromatherapy.

Affordable Quality Products for Quick Neuropathy, Arthritic, Viral and Muscular Pain Relief


Who is Reunion Relief?

Reunion Relief is a company organized to develop, manufacture and distribute products for the relief of pain caused by neuropathy, muscle strain, viral and other causes of discomfort .The products were developed by a diabetic who suffered neuropathy for years and developed a mixture of natural ingredients that provided relief. This mixture was additionally blended into Super-Premium skin care cosmetics to create a Full Spectrum Pain Relief system.

Today, with glucose monitoring, proper vitamins and Reunion ... he is 100% pain free today in his feet. Occasional osteoarthritis flare ups in his knee are immediately quelled with a few drops of Reunion oil.

Reunion is a Registered Trademark

Do I need a prescription for Reunion products?

No prescription is required.Reunion products are entirely topical . . . do not take internally.

What are the ingredients of Reunion's products?

The exact formulation of Reunion products is proprietary and a trade secret of Reunion Relief. There are nine essential oils listed on the label of Reunion Intense Spot Relief ... all are pharmaceutical grade. You can find this list under the Intense Spot Relief Product Technical Specs. Other formulas contain additional ingredients to reduce inflammation or viral replication. Do not confuse these ingredients with inexpensive synthetic oils available on the Internet. They might be good on your salad but could be injurious to your person.

Tell me about the Reunion ISR upgrades.

We listen to our customers. The result is several enhancements for specific problems.

While the original ISR has 9 ingredients, Customers wanted more anti-inflammation help as persistent inflammation accompanies many pain problems. After careful research we added the strongest anti-inflammation essential oils we could find: Ginger and Turmeric oil extracted using the Co2 process. This enhancement is Reunion AI. AI has 11 ingredients.

When we found customers were using Reunion AI for Shingles and PHN relief, we researched and found the Herpes Zoster virus can be very stubborn and stay around for an extended period of time. Melissa, a strong antiviral oil, was added to the AI formula to create Reunion HZ. HZ has 12 ingredients.

Another viral problem that millions experience is Herpes 1 & 2. To address this problem, we doubled the antiviral oil, Lemon Balm Melissa with proven anti-herpetic properties to create Reunion HSV..

The incredible anti-herpetic efficacy of Melissa essential oil is disclosed in 4 clinical studies published in PubMed ... the definitive medical journal of scientific findings. You can find these studies by going to Articles at the bottom of this page.

How does Reunion work?

All pain is communicated to your brain through your Central Nervous System. The CNS is located in the 5th layer of your skin. At the end of the branches of your CNS are millions of neurotransmitters ... called nociceptors. When you are feeling pain, the nociceptors have been agitated by some stimulus and send an electrical pulse using Substance P through to your CNS and you feel pain. Reunion's superior transdermal lipophilic penetration instantly penetrates to the 5th layer and delivers essential oil pain relief quelling the agitated nociceptors. Typically, this happens in minutes if not seconds! While the cause of the pain is still present (Reunion is NOT a cure) ... the sensation of pain quickly dissipates. No heat, no cold ... just blessed evaporation of the pain as the nociceptors are placed on hold. The pain relief will last from 4 to 24 hours depending on the person and the cause of the pain.

Are the ingredients natural?

Yes.The ingredients are entirely natural. All ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) directory of qualified ingredients by the Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA). They are rated GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe.) Reunion oil formulations are 100% therapeutic essential oils. Do not confuse them with either homeopathic (now illegal) products with infinitesimal active ingredients or creams that are 95%+ emollient balms.

Can I use Reunion products on my joint, muscle or other painful areas?

Since the introduction of Reunion products, customers are finding numerous pain problems where Reunion is proving extremely beneficial. These include: muscular pain, ideopathic neuropathy, chemo-neuropathy, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, shingles and post-herpetic shingles' scarring, migraine headaches, lower back pain, varicose veins, pinched nerves, Herpes 1 & 2 and even mosquito bites. Unfortunately, Reunion ISR has not been effective on arthritic pain, but Reunion AI (anti-inflammation) was developed especially for inflammation problems such as OA and RA. You are welcome to try Reunion for any pain affliction.

How do I apply the products?

Apply the Reunion oils a few drops at a time directly to the painful area.You only need to lightly spread it with your fingertips. Typically, use 1 drop per square inch. Apply the Daily Use products as you would any other skin lotion, cream or shower gel.

How are the Daily Use products different from Reunion Intense Spot Relief?

The Daily Use products contain a reduced amount of the Reunion ISR formula.You can use them frequently throughout the day.Daily Use products are Super Premium cosmetics but you should not expect the same immediate relief as ISR oil using them. However, the nano-based carrier technology delivers pain relief effectively. Skin care is an important aspect of your continuing good health.

What should I expect from using Reunion products?

Because each person is different and the causes of their pain are different, the analgesic effect of Reunion products you enjoy may be more or less efficient from other users.

My pain occurs each night at a certain time. How should I use Reunion products?

You may find the effects of Reunion products to be cumulative and preventative.During the day, use the Daily Use creams and lotions then apply the Reunion Intense Spot Relief about and hour before your daily pain episode.Of course you can always apply Reunion ISR at the time of the pain episode.

Is Reunion more effective than Medical Marijuana ... does it contain any cannabidiol?

NO! Reunion does not contain any marijuana, CBD, hemp or any other derivative. After extensive research, we see inconsistent benefits for peripheral pain weed. We have no problem with any pain solution taken internally that benefits sufferers. Unlike Reunion HZ/HSV, CBD has no known antiviral abilities. If you suffer from Shingles, PHN or any Herpes infection, Reunion has no equal. Do not take Reunion internally!

Is CBD Oil Safe and Effective?

Our goal is satisfied customers who are achieving pain relief using our Products. While we don't expect every user to achieve a ZERO pain level, we certainly wish you a significantly reduced pain level from your neuropathy and/or other painful areas.

Here are 3 benefits you should expect from any topical pain reliever:

  1. Temporary relief from pain without side effects.
  2. Relief from stress caused by pain.
  3. Ability to sleep uninterrupted by pain.

If Reunion Products
aren't what you expected, or if they don't exceed the efficacy of ANY topical pain reliever (prescription OR non-prescription!) you have ever used, simply return the unused products within 30 days from date of purchase for a complete refund to:

Reunion Relief, 176 Brushton Court, Las Vegas, NV 89138