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Reunion HSV
Reunion HSV with 12 Essential Oils for Herpes 1 & 2 Relief
Contains 12 therapeutic essential oils to quell pain, inflammation and herpes virus.

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No Similar Essential Oil Remedy Elsewhere,
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All-Natural Virucide Reunion HSV with Melissa ... Effective on HSV 1 & 2.

If you suffer from either Herpes 1 or 2 ... here is information you'll want to know.

There are many so-called Herpes "cures" on the market. But the simple truth is any remedy that doesn't address eliminating the Herpes Simplex Virus can't eradicate or supress the real problem of recurring viral replication outbreaks.

Numerous studies using Melissa Officinalis essential oil show a reduced viral infectivity between 97% & 98% using minimal concentrations. With higher concentrations, even HSV 2 is often eradicated. Several extensive studies have validated these results and documentation is provided by clicking Articles at the bottom of this page.

Of course with this encouraging news comes a downside. Melissa Officinalis can be very expensive ... some sites charge $50 for 3 ml ... about 3 eye droppers

Attacking the HSV virus is only part of the problem. You also have to contend with pain and inflammation not to mention the damper on your intimate personal moments.

Now, Pure Biomed has Reunion HSV with very generous amounts of pain, inflammation and antiviral oils in every bottle. Reunion HSV contains 12 essential oils including double the antiviral essential oil: Lemon Balm Melissa Officinalis as compared to our Reunion HZ formula. Because essential oils are lipophilic, they penetrate quickly to attack and destroy the virus envelope and virus. Reunion contains no CBD.

Reunion HSV is a biomedical topical application; completely safe and unlike systemic antiviral drugs, poses no risk to your kidneys (nephrotoxicity) or other vital organs. A few drops go a long way as the oil is easily applied and spreads over affected areas.

Reunion HSV is very powerful. If the formula is too strong for your sensitivity, you can mix it with any carrier oil such as Tamanu or even olive oil. Apply it 3-4 times a day and see immediate improvement. Some even see complete remission.

Before you purchase any Herpes remedy, look for their "evidence-based" scientific support documentation. Click on ARTICLES here or at the bottom of this page to read more about the efficacy of Lemon Balm Melissa Officinalis oils used in Reunion HSV. You will also find a Clinical Trial attesting to the pain relief of our primary analgesic ingredient: Reunion Geranium Oil.

*FDA GRAS Essential Oils

To our knowledge, Reunion HSV is the only non-prescription pain, inflammation, antiviral remedy available anywhere. In addition to the pain and anti-viral attributes of the base formula, Reunion HSV also contains 15% of another active ingredient specifically targeting virus replication: lemon balm Melissa essential oil.

What you should expect using Reunion HSV:

  1. Immediate cessation of pain
  2. Reduction in inflammation
  3. Dramatic reduction in the length of your outbreak
  4. Extended length of time between outbreaks
  5. Alleviation of prodrome (pre-OB emergence) effects

A half ounce bottle will provide 50 to 100 spot applications!

* Note: Individual results may vary from the Customer Reviews listed below.


An Ounce of Prevention is Better than a Lifetime of STD Treatments!

Tens of millions of adults in the US are carrying the Herpes virus. Most do not display any evidence of the virus although it is active and communicable. There are 20 million reported new infections annually.

Of course, safe sex should be used but even latex condoms are not 100% guaranteed nor do they protect uncovered, exposed skin.

"Washing genitals, urinating or douching after sex will NOT prevent any STDs." Center for Disease Control (CDC)

We suggest application of Reunion HSV postcoital (Male and Female) to exposed exterior skin areas to halt fragile virions before they penetrate.

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  • Contains twelve essential oils for pain, inflammation and virus replication. Features Melissa Officinalis oil for evidence-based scientific proven antiviral effectiveness. Significantly reduces virus replication by 98.8% for HSV-1 and 97.2% for HSV-2, higher concentrations of Lemon Balm Melissa oil abolishes viral infectivity nearly completely.

    Herpes relief is close at hand when you have Reunion HSV.

    Note: Reunion products are NOT homeopathic (quack science) with only trace amounts of active ingredients. Reunion oil formulas are 100% therapeutic essential oils providing you the maximum benefits of essential oil technology. Lotions and creams contain 95% inert emollients less than 5% active ingredients. Reunion HSV is the only true antiviral OTC Herpes treatment on the market.


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