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Reunion HZ Shingles / Post Herpetic Neuralgia
Reunion HZ with Twelve Essential Oils for Pain, Inflammation, Viral Relief.
Contains 12 therapeutic essential oils to quell pain, inflammation and herpes zoster virus.

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If you're battling Shingles or Post Herpetic Neuralgia ... you don't need horrific pictures of just how uncomfortable you are as a result of Herpes Zoster virus.

Of course you've been to your Dr. ... and he's given you prescription(s) for some very expensive drugs that may or may not be effective in reducing pain and stopping virus replication. If you've tried menthol treatments, you've found limited relief for short periods of time. If you've tried capsaicin, you are a brave soul to put up with the burn! If you've tried systemic pills and opioids, you may have all kinds of side effects not to mention addiction and mental instability. You don't want to play roulette with your health.

In evaluating Shingles' treatment options, you may have visited WebMD and found a lot of Reviews expressing dissatisfaction with both prescription and OTC remedies (all menthol or homeopathic based!)

Let's get real.With Shingles or PHN, there are three important concerns: pain relief, inflammation control and halting the virus replication. You don't need counter-irritants that simply mask symptoms for a few minutes. Counter-irritants and homeopathic treatments are NOT anti-viral. Check their ingredients (if you can find them) and their Clinical Trials (non-existent) ... ours are located on the Technical Specs tab above and on the Articles link at the bottom of this page.

*FDA GRAS Essential Oils

American Academy of Dermatology

"If you get shingles, an anti-viral medicine can make symptoms milder and shorter. The medicine may even prevent long-lasting nerve pain."

There is compelling evidence that at least a subset of PHN cases may be due to persistent VZV ganglionitis and treatment with antiviral drugs has the potential to reduce the pain.

You may have taken antiviral tablets systemically for 10 days at the onset of your Shingles. 10 days is the most your kidneys can handle safely. As a topical antiviral treatment, the antiviral ingredients in Reunion HZ do not burden your system as HZ is applied at your skin level only. Reunion HZ picks up where systemic antivirals end. Reunion contains no CBD.

Now Pure Biomed, used by Chiropractors nationwide, has introduced Reunion HZ ... a formula of 12 essential oils focused on alleviating pain, inflammation and viruses. While several of the oils in both Reunion ISR and Reunion AI have anti-viral attributes, Reunion HZ has an additional certified organic strong anti-virus oil to further boost the efficacy for treating Shingles and Post Herpetic Neuralgia. If you don't have Herpes Zoster or another peripheral virus, you don't need Reunion HZ. If you only need to relieve pain and inflammation ... visit our website for Reunion ISR and Reunion AI. In any event you want safe, long lasting, quick relief.

One of the great features of using biomedical essential oils therapeutically is the ease with which they get into our cells and our bloodstream. Because of their lipophillic ('fat-friendly') nature, essential oils pass through cell membranes, and make their way throughout our bodies when used topically. The antiviral components of HZ penetrate the virus envelope (see picture) and kill viruses thus halting replication.

All Reunion products are "interventional" ... they penetrate your skin to the 5th layer and beyond to calm agitated nociceptors and reduce Substance P, an enzyme that transmits pain signals from nociceptors to the central nervous system. There is no heat or cold sensation ... only the blessed relief of pain dissipation. Relief is fast and typically lasts from 4 to 24 hours.

We will ship overnight for an additional charge. You may want to consider the Four Pak at Special Offers to alleviate the shipping expense. Contact us through Feedback at the bottom of any page.

Note: See a Clinical Trial on Reunion primary analgesic by clicking Articles at the bottom of this page. Reunion is "evidence-based" pain relief! You will also find Clinical Studies attesting to the anti-herpetic properties of our antiviral ingredient: Lemon Balm Melissa..

While there is no "cure" for Shingles, we do guarantee your satisfaction with Reunion HZ. You will get quick pain relief. Our Money Back Guarantee is at the bottom of the FAQ page.

* Note: Individual results may vary from the Customer Reviews listed below.

  • Contains twelve therapeutic essential oils for pain, inflammation and virus relief. Topical pharmaceutical and OTC lotions and ointments contain 95% inert emollients and less than 5% or less active ingredients. Emu oil products contain minimal emu oil. One emu oil gland (33 oz.) is used for 30,000 oz. of solution. Shingles relief is close at hand when you have Reunion HZ.

    Note: Reunion products are NOT homeopathic (junk science) with only trace amounts of active ingredients. Reunion oil formulas are 100% therapeutic essential oils, providing you the maximum benefits of essential oil technology. Reunion HZ is the only true antiviral OTC Shingles treatment.


    New ... Reunion Mist Moisturizer now available with double the pain relief.

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