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Pure BioMed LLC
Affordable Neuropathy and Muscular Pain Relief

First hand knowledge of the pain you are experiencing!

The President and Founder of Pure Biomed LLC is Type II, insulin-dependent diabetic who suffers from diabetic neuropathy. The initial PN attack was in his left foot and ankle. After suffering for several months, he received 3 cortisone shots which were finally effective by the 3rd shot. As he was not on Medicare, the shots were very expensive and paid for out of his own pocket.

Then PN developed in his right foot. In researching options for pain relief, he discovered and purchased their Neuragen oil product.

After recovering from sticker shock ($60 for half an ounce, $30 for 17 ml, less than a quarter ounce,) the product was tried and has indeed provided significant spot relief. However, in,the Neuragen form and price, the product was not practical for body areas larger than small spots.

As founder of a very successful direct-to-consumer advertising agency for national accounts, he intuitively knew if a superior product could be developed and sold direct to consumers at a greatly reduced price to Neuragen, there would be a large receptive audience.

After a nationwide search for a cosmetics manufacturer with the capabilities and expertise to fully develop Reunion products, a firm was selected based upon its in-depth knowledge of cosmetic carrier systems (microencapsulation of active ingredients) and willingness to develop a product line especially for diabetics and others with sensitive skin and impaired immune systems.

This ReunionPN concept was launched and expanded into additional Daily Usage body and facial lotions in cooperation with this highly regarded manufacturer of organic skin cosmetics with more than 40 years experience formulating and producing anti-aging super premium skin treatments. All ReunionPN products are manufactured in a Certified FDA-inspected laboratory using USDA Certified Ingredients. Our products/formulations are all natural as opposed to "homeopathic." Homeopathic products may dilute active ingredients down to as much as one molecule per gallon.

While Reunion products were originally intended for peripheral pain sufferers, we quickly found out through voluntary Customer Reviews, our products were extremely effective for virtually any pain malady. Simply put, pain is transmitted to your brain through your central nervous system (CNS). Reunion neutralizes the neurosensors (nociceptors) that feed signals into the CNS. 85% of all nociceptors are located in the 5th layer of your skin. Consequently, Reunion is effective for pain or itching as it penetrates to the 5th level and neutralizes the overactive nociceptors.

Building on the successful Reunion ISR formula, we have developed Reunion AI dramatically enhancing the anti-inflammation capabilities ten-fold. Inflammation plays a significant role in creating pain as well as prolonging the painful event caused by other problems. Now sufferers of Rheumatoid Arthritis can use Reunion AI for topical pain relief. AI has been shown to be especially beneficial when used with ultrasound and cold laser. Be sure to read the comparison of AI to ISR by clicking the Articles link below.

You can see authentic Reviews submitted by Customers by clicking the "Customer Reviews" icon at the bottom left of this page. Further, you can visit the "How to Use" tab under each product to see various pain applications that have been submitted by Customers.

We are so confident you will enjoy and benefit from all ReunionPN products, your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you find our products do not meet your expectations for temporary relief of nerve pain as well as moisturizing your skin, simply return the unused portion within 30 days for a no-questions-asked refund.

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